Distance Reiki for Quarantine

Feeling extra stress and anxiety being stuck at home? I am offering distance Reiki sessions to ease that stress. You’ve heard of Reiki? Well, this is Reiki done from my home to yours. I am also offering quarantine prices… $40 for an hour of stress relief. I offer you a healing of that stress without having to be face to face.

Contact McKenna at 505-804-6414. Text me or leave me a voicemail. I will return your call.

Or email me at: mckennaminor@aol.com.

Land of Enchantment

Well, good morning to all who are enjoying the wonderful fall weather in New Mexico.  The trees are turning their brilliant golden backed by the bright blue sky. If you haven’t seen it, you’re really missing something.  I hope we have a nice long fall season this year.

The horses are getting fuzzy awaiting the cold winter.  They love the colder weather. They romp and play a lot more in the early morning coolness – on their way to breakfast…

We have our next Equine Alchemy module workshop coming up this weekend.  It will be nice to see the gang again and work with the horses.  I’ve already graduated from the program, been certified and I still get a lot out of every workshop.  All the the experiential work is so powerful and wonderfully meaningful.  I’m blessed to be part of this group of people.

The REIKI is going strong.  I’m still working on Maddie, the horse, trying to get him to stay in his body.  He’s doing a little better each day, but given any reason at all, he’ll jump right out again.   I’m using specific techniques on him like rubbing his legs and his feet to draw his energy down into his feet.  I’m working on his head to sort of rewire his thinking so he’ll feel more comfortable in his body.  After a treatment, his eyes soften and his head drops as he relaxes.  What a wonderful sight.

I’m practicing coaching on the phone (being recorded)- ugh!  It’s actually going ok.  I have six months to complete my ICF certification than I’ll have my national certification.  Practice, practice, practice…

Have a glorious day full of blessings and I’ll see you next time.




I just finished a powerful weekend workshop – Equine Alchemy Equine Coaching.  Even though I finished this program and got my certification, I’ve decided to move forward in getting my ICF certification (International Coaching Federation).  It requires a recorded coaching session, something I’ve been avoiding.  But I’m stepping off the cliff and hope the net appears!  WooHoo new  horizons.